Stairs / Stoops

Sinking Stairs
Stairs after leveling
Sinking Stairs
Stairs after leveling

Do the concrete stairs and stoops at your home sit a little lower than they should? Whether it's a matter of maintenance, safety or curb appeal, KC Polylift can help!

For various reasons, large voids can form underneath concrete stoops and stairs. This occurs commonly around the area in the front or other entry points of the home. Voids can be attributed to:

  • Settling
  • Water Erosion
  • Drought
  • Animal Infestation
  • New Construction

It can be especially expensive to replace your stairs and stoops. Luckily, with the tried and tested polyurethane injection foam, our skilled team can help stabilize and lift your concrete to its original functionality for fractions of the cost to replace it.

At KC Polylift your satisfaction is our top priority. Our work is done with pride and great care YEAR-ROUND. In a matter of JUST HOURS we can fix your concrete issues for good. Services we offer for your concrete stairs and stoops include:

  • Repairing Cracks with Strong Polyurethane Foam Injection
  • Lifting and Leveling Concrete Stairs and Stoops
  • Stabilizing Voids

Restoring your home or business's curb appeal and proactively leveling your sinking or cracked concrete can prevent unnecessary injuries as well. Uneven walking areas not only present a tripping hazard, but they pose the potential for snow and ice to accumulate where they should not, causing a higher risk of slipping in the cold season.

Protect your Family, Home, or Business by having KC Polylift come see how we can help you. Schedule a Free Evaluation today!